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Business planning is on the up, with the need to share current information and insights almost daily. These days Microsoft Excel alone won't cut it, but you still want the same look and feel, with the added benefit of being shareable and power the to create endless versions with all your information connected up. When looking for any software you want best in breed, highly rated by Gartner and tried and tested by thousands of others.

The other half of every software story is delivery. Formulate is a top ten global Adaptive Insights partner who deliver to small medium and large enterprises in all sectors across the EMEA area. Our consultants are finance, business and systems savvy and our pre-built solutions give you fast results and do more. We can integrate into pretty much any system and we always met you on your patch.

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"The flexibility of Adaptive Insights, and the responsiveness of Formulate Consulting allowed us to quickly implement company-wide organisational change."

- Cindy Rhodes, SES Project Manager


Working better together, with all the right information

"Adaptive is a great step forward for Christian Aid."

- Loretta Minghella, Christian Aid Chief Executive


No room for compromise

"I like it all, everyone has dropped using spreadsheets and got their lives back. Now we have a rigorous and robust financial consolidation process. I just wish I’d done it sooner."

- Martin Webster, SDL Project Manager


Seeing is believing

"Formulate helped Real Good Food pull data in from different sources, so what Adaptive provides efficiently now is "One Version Of The Truth". Using both online reporting and Office connect, month end closure and reporting is completed quicker."

- John Taubman, IS Director Real Good Food

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