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Speed is your friend when it comes to handling information. Us humans are not so great at data transfer, it takes longer, we make mistakes and we can’t deal with the volumes – plus it’s pretty boring. Automate the manual stuff without the need for I.T getting involved. Suddenly there are no constraints to the amount of data you can pull into your financial plans, freeing up days for your teams, and frankly making their lives far more tolerable.

Your planning model needs data, and getting this in accurately and quickly is key to achieving the holy grail of rolling forecasts. So don't waste time with manual uploads, Formulate will work some integration magic with Adaptive’s integration kit and do it all for you!

  • Automated data updates – on demand or scheduled
  • No more manual data manipulation
  • Monitor access and changes with full security
  • Get full visibility of formulae

Formulate have integrated from huge range of systems, as well as building our own connectors to pull data from your general ledgers into Adaptive. Here are some of those we've integrated to, but this is by no means the extent of our capability.

Integration options include

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SAP Integration
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SAP Integration
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SAP Integration
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All working together

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is a global charity. It was forecasting and budgeting using a traditional cost centre model. As the organisation grew, complexity in managing multiple projects across many countries with a diverse team and funding sources, demanded a whole new approach.

The charity’s nine ledgers sat in Sun systems – and not all with the same charts of accounts or mapping profiles. The Integration challenge was in knitting together dimensions across legal, department, project, funding source and activity; Moving from a cost centre to a project based plan, whilst still being able to cross reference those dimensions and check they all added up.

  • Formulate built the initial structure, supporting Christian Aid’s team to build a large chunk of the remaining models, saving money and time for the charity.
  • Ease of use and flexibility meant diverse teams picked up Adaptive fast, and saw big reductions in manual effort at month end
  • Field staff worked in projects not cost centre so the change enabled them to forecast in the same dimension as they worked in
  • Formulate combined Christian Aid’s nine multi-currency ledgers pulling data into Adaptive at the touch of a button

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