Financial Planning in 3D

Now you can plan in multi-dimensions. Customer, product, time, project - the possibilities are endless.

Your version of the truth needs to be constantly re-invented. Now you can copy and manipulate your ‘what if’ scenarios effortlessly. Run constant currency calculations or sensitivity analysis to your hearts content. Real world features now bring depth and reality to your planning model.

Easy does it

A plain English ‘central assumptions sheet’ drives formulas, so no more obscured calculations. Better still, this little baby will spot the errors and let you know.
Complications such as formulas which handle ‘dimensions’ and ‘time’, combined with lookup values, value spreading and allocations all become simple. So despite the complexity of the real world, you’ll find building and running forecasts straightforward.

Loving it

When customers tell us they love using Adaptive, we know it’s going to make your life so much easier. Gartner agrees, software that is simple to use, with drop-down lists and an Excel look and feel, means users adopt the solution fast. The real success is a happy team and the whole organisation buying into the planning process.

Let's drive this together

Automated processes deliver over 70% improvement in time savings. Being cloud based makes sharing and collaboration possible. Whilst workflows, version and access control makes the process easier and safer.
Whatever makes your business tick, pre-built tailored drivers will run tirelessly behind the scenes to make planning everything from personnel, expenses, sales revenue, balance sheet, cash flow and currency management altogether faster. Add automatic aggregation and greater transparency with an audit trail, alongside excellent reporting and analytics and you can really start seeing not only where your heading, but how to get there.

A satellite view

SES - Beyond Frontiers

SES used planning as the vehicle to drive a cross company transformation leading to better collaboration and greater supply and demand transparency.

Forecasting satellite capacity in SES is a complex business, with a finite number of satellites, transponders and bandwidth visibility of supply and demand was tricky. This needed a multi-dimensional planning model which took account of capacity, sales, ops and finance - which were traditionally working in silos. Agreeing a cross function measurement was a business challenge, but the outcome was closer collaboration and organisation wide transformation in working practices.

  • The Adaptive solution provided the flexibility needed to measure supply and demand
  • The business agreed common parameters, resulting in closer working relations
  • Formulate provided a structure to compare like with like across the business
  • SES now have forecasting and visibility of sales on 70 satellites globally, using a Formulate model built on Adaptive.

SES case study

How Formulate transformed SES forecasting, using Adaptive Insights